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Lara Lavi Returns With New Songs, New Shows & Refreshed Optimism

On a rainy day in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, two beautiful musical sisters, Valerie and Veronica of the award winning indie rock band LaFonda showed up at Lara Lavi’s law office ostensibly to catch up. Lara fully had her mentor, young female artist hat on fully expecting that would be her role. Little did she know that LaFonda would change her life that day and be the catalyst for what appears to be a train moving finally on the right track of Lara’s musical life.

Lara shared a song she had in her hard drive called How High Is Too High with the LaFonda sisters and was surprised at their reaction. Before she knew it they had texted the graphic designer putting the poster together for the 2023 Belltown Bloom festival held in May every year in Seattle at the Crocodile and there was suddenly a new name, older than everyone else on the bill in bold letters LARA LAVI !!!


The three women cried, hugged and then it was wheels in action for Lara Lavi to put a band together, update her website, establish the repertoire and get the songs partially recorded finished with her son and musical partner King Youngblood so she can start releasing new music starting with Mermaid Under A Desert Moon; the lost sessions which comes Friday July 7, 2023.

The first single How High Is Too High comes Friday May 5, 2023 on all platforms.

Says Lara, “We live our lives sometimes in triage mode without the intention of our authentic selves until one day we wake up and look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question “Where am I in all this?” I am wide awake and paying attention to the scarcity of time and energy so here we go – back in to the musical fray with all my heart armed with friends, family and musical colleagues who want to see me be me and begin again.”

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