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Lara Lavi

"For years I have felt like I am the mother on the erupting Volcano in the movie Dante’s Inferno, left to die while everyone else runs down the mountain safe from the burning lava.  It’s a hard image to shake; this idea that somehow I had to sacrifice my own true self to support all the other artists, clients and projects I serve. These songs deserve to be released from hard drive prison.  I deserve the chance to share all my truths and hopefully inspire other artists in my same situation  It’s time to be brave and run down the proverbial mountain to finally give myself a full deep breath.” 


~ Lara Lavi

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“There is a palpable depth to this project from the opening note. Follow Lavi through intense fantastic metaphors for the inner human life.”  

Americana Highways

Photo by Avril Lum cp 2021

Artwork by Cameron Lavi-Jones 


Mermaid Under A Desert Moon - Lyric and Melody by Lara Lavi, Music by Lara Lavi & Mike Mattingly cp 1999


First Single from the EP

Mermaid Under A Desert Moon - the lost sessions 1997-2002


Produced by Cameron Lavi-Jones & Phillip Peterson


All Guitars by Cameron Lavi-Jones

Cello by Phillip Peterson

Bass by Maurice Jones Jr.

Vocals by Lara Lavi



Very Juicy Records, a division of Very Juicy Entertainment LLC


Very Juicy Music a division of Very Juicy Entertainment LLC

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