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At least 545 immigrant children may never see their parents again. These children were taken from their parents by the US Government in 2017.

No Kids in Cages Lara Lavi

Based on reports by experts, the Trump administration knew the psychological ramifications separation would have; yet they did it anyway. They were deliberate in their cruelty, hoping to deter future immigrants from coming, but put no thought into keeping track of where children and parents were going once separated or how they might be reunited, if ever.

The Trump administration has used the last eight months as an excuse to continue its assault on the rights of immigrant children and their families. 



Our borders are effectively closed to asylum-seekers under the guise of public health. (Yet they remain open to others.) Children and families seeking refuge now stay in dangerous camps on our southern border in Mexico with little access to food, clean water or health care, and at an incredibly high risk of assault, kidnapping and other horrors.

Lara Lavi supports RAICES and their #NoKidsInCages campaign as they provide free and low-cost legal and social services to immigrants & refugees.


You can amplify their Migrant Justice Platform when you buy "River" or you can make a direct donation.

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