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“At 62, for years I put my authentic life on hold, like so many people my age to support my family, build a law practice that assured the bills get paid and serve the needs as a mother, a wife and a mentor. I have no complaints or regrets. I just know that I don’t want march into this next decade of my life so far away from my authentic self. I don’t want these songs living in a hard drive until I die. I want them out in the world hopefully giving others a little bit of insight on their own journeys. I am finally stepping into my own garden after years of abandonment and joyously cultivating these precious songs, many of which I wrote years ago and many of which are recent gems. I am beyond grateful that Veronica and Valeria of La Fonda and the wonderful folks at the Crocodile see that even at my age, I have something to offer musically and have given me this catalyst to sing again to a fresh audience and to the fans that have stuck with me all these years.


Grateful beyond words.”

~ Lara Lavi


After decades of stop and starts, mostly long wistful pauses, American Singer-Songwriter Lara Lavi has gathered her songs and her vision together and is finally launching a return to her authentic self as one of the artists performing at the all women fronted bands/artists celebration  - BELLTOWN BLOOM. Performing on the Madam Lou Stage at the Crocodile in Seattle, WA  on May 5, 2023, Lara will be celebrating her return to the stage full band with a new single “How High Is Too High” in anticipation of her new album

Mermaid Under A Desert Moon; the lost sessions

Lara Lavi at Belltown Bloom
May 05, 5:00 PM – 11:50 PM
2505 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, USA

Lara's Journal

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